The Balance Tool Box


a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.


No matter your age, creating a balance is a challenge.  Sometimes it's THE challenge.  For some, it's the balance of work and home.  For others, it's the balance of putting yourself or others first.  

For our Triad athletes, our experience is a part of their tool box that gives them the balance they need.  We focus on the individual needs and growth for each athlete, and those specific needs, as you can imagine, vary from girl to girl.  The search to find those elements are part of each athletes journey.  

I'd argue that the perfect balance is an impossible goal, but creating a tool box to assist with adding, subtracting, growing, shrinking, as you develop as an athlete is essential.

Triad is gifting this tool box to our athletes with:

  • Specialized elite level lacrosse training
  • Partnerships with Mindset, Nutrition and Physical training coaches
  • Community leaders that provide mentorship in all areas of life: tutoring, college admissions, entrepreneurship, business and marketing strategy
  • Wide spread network of college coaches of all levels
  • Ability to create your unique why through your favorite sport, lacrosse
  • A long term community that is focused on empowering female athletes and support their success

What's in your Balance Tool Box??


Erica Jackson

"All I want to do is have fun," said Erica, every day of her life. A lacrosse stick in her hand since 9, Erica is a high energy, hype girl, Maryland native, and Lacrosse Coach with an MBA. You will see Erica literally running all over Encinitas, but if you ever catch her in a car, it's because she's a part-time taxi driver to her 2 kids.

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