Dream Team

Triad Athletes Team

We are passionate, experienced and professional humans dedicated to seeing female athletes grow and thrive in Girls Lacrosse. We discover and uncover their full potential within and empower female athletes to rise to the occasion.

We invest in your female athlete beyond the field and tailor their experience unique to them. We don’t just motivate players; we take them to the next level.

We have a deep desire to change the face of sports and that is to focus on females only giving them the same advantages that are out there while also being more inclusive.

We know the hard work will pay off and nothing makes us happier, than seeing their confidence build and the smiles on their faces.

Thank you for trusting your female athletes in our hands.

Triad Coaches

Meet the COACHES

Kelsey Cuje Triad Athletes Lacrosse Director

Kelsey Cuje

Coaching Director of Badass Coaches

Kelsey is instrumental in building a network of coaches. Kelsey ensures all coaches are qualified, mentors to athletes and that they #riseup to the challenge to discover and uncover an athletes full potential. Kelsey builds our coaching and lacrosse community by staying connected with her positive energy and positive attitude!

A Division I Athlete, Coaches Award for Rutgers University Women’s Lacrosse with a master’s degree in Sports Business. Played in the Big East and Big Ten Conferences. Played for the Toronto Stars Box Lacrosse team and went to the Ontario Championship. As a former Lacrosse Community Ambassador for the San Diego Seals and Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach for Santa Fe Christian, Kelsey understands the Southern CA landscape.  Kelsey has recently started the first Women's Box Lacrosse Association and is a stellar player for the Senior A San Diego Palms box lacrosse team which she also founded.

If Kelsey is not training or connecting with the San Diego community on lacrosse and growth, you can find her dancing to live music, exploring a new city, or writing in her journal.

Triad Athletes Kelsey Cuje Elite Lacrosse Training

"My passion is to help others uncover what's been holding them back from living and thriving in the life of their dreams. It would be an honor to be a part of your support team!"

“Control the controllables... and then relax to enjoy the waves of life.”

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Jerry Harper Triad Speed & Strength Director

Jerry Harper

Chief Officer of Speed & Strength

Coach Jerry will build new muscle memory on eliminating wasted movement and making our female athletes stronger and faster.

Coach Harper was born and raised in San Diego, after playing football and running track at Santa Fe Christian, He chose to continue his football career becoming a 4-year starter at Ohio Wesleyan University. His experience as a collegiate athlete and receiving a degree in Exercise Science has given him a unique skill set to identify the essential movements necessary in building speed and athleticism.

Coaches, trainers and mentors have impacted his life in such a positive way, he wants to make the same impact on others. His desire is to establish himself as a positive role model in his community and for his athletes as his coaches from high school once did for him.

Triad Athletes Coach Jerry Harper Strength and Speed coach

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Sam Horan Saves The Day Specialist Triad Athletes San Diego Girls Lacrosse

Sam Horan

"Saves the Day" Specialist (aka Goalie Coach)

Coach Sam is our dedicated Goalie coach, training our female athletes on technique and Game IQ and being a mentor on and off the field. A position that is often overlooked by Media, when in fact it is probably the most important role on the field as the eyes and ears.

"To sell the goalie position to your team, there has to be a reciprocated level of trust between the defenders and the goalie. If you have trust in your defenders and prove to them that you can make the low angle saves and saves on outside shots, they will gain the confidence they need to force their attacker to those worse shots." - Coach Sam

Coach Sam currently attends SDSU where her major is in Kinesiology pre-PT. Her biggest honor in 2022, was being nominated Team Captain for the Aztecs Women's Lacrosse team.

“My goal is to work on the athlete's confidence in the goal and build their love for the game!”

Triad Athletes Coaches San Diego Girls Lacrosse

Coach Sam, Coach Jerry + Coach Kelsey

Meet the TRIAD Team

Cary Hall Triad Coach and Operations Director

Caryl Hall

Co-Founder/Triad Coach/Culture Creator & Operations Master

Caryl guides our Coaches and Athletes (and families) to be their best on and off the field. She’s connected (not like the mafia connected) but keeps the lacrosse community close to the chest with her experience as a 3x NCAA champion and playing in the world games.

Division I Athlete, All-American & Co-captain for University of Maryland Women's Lacrosse and member of the England National Team.

Mum (why yes she's from London!), of two mini athletes, Pilates Instructor to those that want strong abs, health coach paying forward all that she has learned along the way, but most importantly, passionate about seeing female athletes thrive to their full potential!

"Rise up to each opportunity, rise up to each and every challenge, rise up to be the best possible you, rise up to reach your dreams!"

Grace Saari Triad Coach Marketing and Branding


Grace Saari

Co-Founder/Triad Coach/Brand Warrior, Lifestyle Builder & Buzz Generator

Grace is responsible for making sure we’re on top of the latest Tik Tok trends… kidding, she doesn’t have a Tik Tok. She connects the dots and keeps us on brand where her priority is to make sure our Athletes perform, feel (hype girl anyone?) and look their best!

Division I Athlete, Co-captain & Coaches Award for Rutgers University Women’s Lacrosse. Former Head Coach at UCSD and Assistant at Drew University.

A Jersey girl at heart who loves to surf, snowboard, golf, camp and reigning household ping pong champ… for now. Founder of Creative Mutiny Agency and partner in Kyth + Kyn Agency. Professional in the home, wellness space, a creative tinkerer and lifestyle brand builder with a loving husband, daughter and many, many pets.

"Where the focus goes, the energy flows."


Erica Jackson VP of Finance Triad Athletes

Erica Jackson

Co-Founder/Triad Coach/VP of "ABC" (Always Be Closing) & Money Maestro

Erica makes sure that the lights are on, not just in bills but that we’re always thinking ahead. She is the pure definition of “Get it done”.  Beyond that, she’s always bringing new ideas to the table and has big plans for Triad.

Division I Athlete at LaSalle University Women's Lacrosse. "All I want to do is have fun," said Erica, every day of her life.  A lacrosse stick in her hand since 9, Erica is a high energy, hype girl, Maryland native, and Lacrosse Coach with an MBA. You will see Erica literally running all over Encinitas, but if you ever catch her in a car, it's because she's a part-time taxi driver to her 2 kids.

“My content is free.  My energy is expensive."