Terms & Conditions

Congratulations on your decision to invest in yourself.  The goals of each athlete are very important to the Triad Coaches + Leadership Team.  To achieve maximum level of commitment and feedback from the Triad Coaches, each Athlete must go through a speed, agility and technical sport measurement session.  In addition to the metrics, which is to show data-centered performance, Triad Coaches will work with each of the Athletes to make sure they get the appropriate feedback to reach their goals. 

Working hard in the sessions is imperative for maximum results.  We encourage each Athlete to come to the session with their individual goals in mind, both short and long term.  Triad will discuss these goals with each of the Athletes.



Triad Coaches will use the Trifecta Method® that consists of bringing together the mind: Game IQ, visualization, muscle memory, spirit: confidence, commitment, heart and body: speed, technical, skills. Trainings are (1) age and skill appropriate curriculum, (2) specific and proper volume of training, and (3) a high level of competition in a safe and enjoyable environment.



Respect your Coach: Communicate and behave in a courteous manner at all times.

Respect the Athletes:  Always treat your fellow Athletes how you want to be treated.

Respect equipment and fields:  Please treat equipment and fields as if they were your own back yard.

Be on time and ready to train!

Furthermore, what you do outside of the training sessions is just as imperative to your success.  Taking ownership of good sleep behavior, nutrition and overall recovery habits will be periodically reviewed if the Athlete shows signs of limited progress.


I recognize the inherent risk of serious or permanent physical injury and possible death associated with youth sports activities and games. In consideration for Triad Athletes accepting the youth player’s session registration and participation Session training, we hereby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify and hold harmless Triad Athletes, its affiliated organizations and sponsors, volunteers, their employees and associated personnel, including the owners of fields and facilities utilized for the Session training, against any claim, lawsuit or written demand, including but not limited to any claims for personal or physical injury or death, by or on behalf of the registrant as a result of the registrant’s participation in the Session training and/or being transported to or from the same, which transportation we hereby authorize.

Permission to Publish:

As part of your experience with Triad Athletes, the Athlete may have the opportunity to be quoted, interviewed, and/or photographed for publication purposes. Publication includes, but is not limited to, Triad website, newsletter, and social media platforms.  When a quote or photograph is placed on a web page, individuals with internet access around the world will be able to view your child’s statement or photo. Articles and photographs will be edited and approved by Triad Athletes Leadership before publication.

Publication Guidelines:

  • Published documents will not include a child’s phone number, address, or names of other family members;
  • Published documents will not contain objectionable material or point directly to objectionable material.


Scheduling & Cancellations

I agree to use the online scheduling through www.triadathletes.com and if there are any issues with scheduling, I will notify Triad Athletes within 24 hours so that you do not lose your spot in the requested session.

Payment for sessions are prepaid and must be paid for before scheduling will be allowed.  All Sessions are outlined on www.triadathletes.com and if there are any questions, reach out to caryl@triadathletes.com

Rescheduling during the month can be negotiated as needed.  However, by signing below, I acknowledge this rescheduling is for rare instances (e.g. unique and urgent conflicts) and that Triad Athletes reserves the right to refuse and/or limit any rescheduled sessions.

Expiration of Sessions & Refunds

Prepaid sessions have an expiration date based on purchase date. Unused sessions are void after this period of time.
Expiration Policy:
Single Session - 30 day expiration
Membership Packages - this annual membership will last from date of purchase for 12 months
All unused sessions will be void after this period of time.
Refund Policy:
Single session cancellations will be given a refund if cancellation happens prior to 48 hours before the date of the event scheduled.
No refunds will be issued for all membership packages, unless there are serious and extenuating circumstances, determined by the Triad team.