Coaches We Love: Julia Masias

 Girls and Women's Lacrosse coach Julia Masias

How do you grow the fastest sport on two feet? Find passionate beings, who have played, know the game and are dedicated to growing the game especially in areas where lacrosse may not be available. We first met Julia Masias when we were searching for coaches for our Triad trainings, camps and clinics. We were lucky to find a gem in Julia who not only shared the same core values as Triad, but is also one of the nicest human's you'll ever meet.

When you meet Julia, you are instantly greeted by the warmest and most infectious smile. Julia is not only a stud of an athlete but she's equally a super star coach. She breaks down the technical side of lacrosse in a way that athletes can easily understand and see the game beyond the fundamentals. Don't let Julia's quiet demeanor fool you, she's funny, dedicated, loyal, charismatic and kind. If you read the end of this article and see her incredible bio, you'll see just how much she dedicates to a sport that has made such an impact in her own life.

We are so grateful for coaches like Julia who continue to invest in the growth of the game. Her involvement is inspiring and we love you Coach Julia! Follow @laxwcoachjulia on her journey!

How did you get started in lacrosse and what was your position? Is the position you started, the position you played at San Diego State?

I started playing lacrosse with the South Bay Outlaws girls program and at Eastlake High School my sophomore year, primarily as a midfielder. In college, I made the switch to defense and had the privilege of learning from Head Coach Kylee White at San Diego State. Coach White's guidance was invaluable, she is the best coach I've had and significantly contributed to my growth as a lacrosse player and young woman.

San Diego State Women's Lacrosse MPSF Conference Championship 2019 

What was your favorite memory playing for San Diego State? And how did you feel when SDSU Women's Lacrosse became the second San Diego State program to be an affiliate member of the Pac-12 in May of 2022?

My favorite memory playing for San Diego State was winning our second MPSF Conference Championship in 2019. Up against Davis, our team dominated from the first whistle to the last. I remember Katy Sharrets breaking a school record for saves and three teammates scoring hat tricks. We were all so present and connected in that moment, and I’ll never forget it. As for SDSU Women’s Lacrosse becoming the second San Diego State program to be an affiliate member of the Pac-12 in May 2022, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and excitement. This is a huge testament to the hard work and dedication of the program’s coaches and team.


Who is/was your biggest influence in lacrosse and why?

My biggest influence in lacrosse is undoubtedly my dad. He played a pivotal role in founding the second lacrosse club team in the South Bay, which we successfully ran together for a decade. Beyond the game, he shared valuable life skills through the business side of running a lacrosse program. His unwavering support and confidence-building were instrumental, especially during the summer of 2016 when he dedicated himself to helping me train to try out as a walk-on at SDSU.

 Sting Lacrosse Julia Masias

When and why did you start coaching?

I began coaching in 2016 right after my senior year of high school with the primary goal of contributing to the growth of girls lacrosse in our communities. The South Bay has a wealth of talented athletes, and it's important for me to be part of the effort to expand access and provide quality coaching to the sport in the community I call home.

 Julia Masias and Lizzy Des Enfants Coaches Founders Reapers Girls Lacrosse Southern California

Can you tell us about Reapers Lacrosse Club team? Who else is involved and why the name Reapers? How is the experience creating a club team in Southern CA?

Reapers Lacrosse is a female-led club team located in La Jolla, led by Owner and Director Lizzy Des Enfants. The team holds a special place in my heart as Lizzy and I started as club teammates, and our teams were high school rivals, cultivating a great friendship along the way. Creating a club team is not just a professional venture for our leadership and coaches; it's a personal mission to provide a positive and motivating atmosphere for athletes to improve their skills and develop into powerful young women.


U20 Mexico Lacrosse National Team Julia Masias Coach 

How did you get involved with the U20 Mexico National team? What are you most excited about with this team?

I joined the U20 Mexico National team in 2023 when I saw an announcement seeking staff for the Women’s Sixes team. After my involvement as a coach and manager in the PALA 6s Cup, I applied again for the U20 staff and now serve as the U20 Team Manager. What excites me most about this opportunity is the chance to contribute to the growth of lacrosse in Mexico City. Working alongside dedicated staff members, athletes, and their families, I am enthusiastic about ensuring that everything is prepared, allowing the team to compete at their fullest potential. Being part of this journey to promote and develop lacrosse in Mexico is truly rewarding.

 SDSU Women's Lacrosse Alumni Julia Masias

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Song that gets you hyped up before a game

Grown Woman, Beyoncé

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Win Like A Girl

Win Like A Girl by Maureen Electa Monte

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NCAA Women's basketball

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GAIT - Whip

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Butter chicken plate!

Favorite quote that inspires you


"I am a capable human being and I'm not afraid to speak on my own behalf. I strive to be a formidable, self-reliant athlete who understands and leverages my talent, works hard to achieve goals, and helps our team solve problems in a positive way" - From the book, Win Like a Girl (Monte, p. 97)

Julia Masias Lacrosse Coach

About Julia Masias:

  • Assistant Coach, Eastlake High School - Chula Vista, CA
  • Assistant Coach and Manager (PALA 6s 2023), Mexico Lacrosse Association
  • Manager (U20 World Championships 2024), Mexico Lacrosse Association
  • Triad Athletes Coach
  • Communications Director and Coach, Reapers Ladies Lacrosse Club - La Jolla, CA
  • Volunteer Coach, South Bay Vipers Lacrosse - Chula Vista, CA
  • San Diego National Tournament Team Coach - San Diego, CA
  • San Diego Palms Box Lacrosse Board Member and Athlete - San Diego, CA
  • SDSU Women’s Lacrosse Statistician - San Diego, CA
  • SDSU Women's Lacrosse Varsity Athlete (2017-2020) and four-time Scholar Athlete - San Diego, CA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science - San Diego State University - San Diego, CA
  • Master's Degree in Political Science, Security and Diplomacy - Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • University Lacrosse Manager - San Diego, CA
  • Co-founder and Coach, Sting Lacrosse - Chula Vista, CA
  • Nike Sports Camp Coach and Counselor - San Diego, CA
  • Co-Head Coach, Israel Lacrosse Association U-19 National Team (previous) - Netanya, Israel
  • Head Coach, Israel Lacrosse Association U-19 Festival Team (previous) - Peterborough, Ontario 

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