Breast Cancer Awareness: Knowing your Body

Megan Pischke Boarding for Breast Cancer

Triad Athletes, a San Diego girls lacrosse training program, was lucky enough to get a few inspirational messages to showcase a brave soul during Breast Cancer Awareness Month:  Megan Pischke, former professional snowboarder, breast cancer thriver, and mother of two children. 

Megan is a perfect role model to our Triad Athletes as the Wellness + Community Director for Boarding for Breast Cancer which focuses many programs and information on preparing young women with education on early detection and promoting healthy lifestyle to ultimately provide the best prevention methods.

Megan Pischke knows how important it is to be in tune with your body.  It's not only good for sports, but is going to empower you and support you throughout your entire life.

Being in tune with your body could be a lot of things: 

  • keeping a period calendar
  • journaling your thoughts
  • reach out and ask questions
  • be open to conversation around your health journey

What you do, also shows the people around you that you care about yourself, which can give others permission to do so as well.  Megan and B4BC teaches young girls that a healthy active lifestyle should be a part of your breast cancer prevention routine.  Breast health is about loving yourself and knowing your body. This builds confidence in sports, in life.  It helps you make good choices.

Loving yourself is a great thing.

Boarding for Breast Cancer is an organization very close to Megan - they documented her breast cancer journey in a short independent film called "Chasing Sunshine."  Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Fall of 2012, ironically after hosting a surf and wellness retreat for breast cancer survivors. 

Boarding for Breast Cancer mission is to:

  • Prepare young people with education on early detection.
  • Promote the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means of breast cancer prevention.
  • Provide survivor support for those affected by breast cancer.

Boarding For Breast Cancer is thrilled to announce the 14th Annual Skate The Coast October 23 + 24, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA.

Skate the Coast is a 19 mile skate-bike-roll from the Santa Monica Pier to Redondo Beach along the iconic Southern California Strand with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop for this mellow cruise. 

B4BC welcomes anyone on wheels of all ages and abilities to join this push for prevention as we raise funds for B4BC's education, prevention and survivorship programs.



Triad Athletes is a San Diego youth lacrosse training program focused on growing womens lacrosse on the west coast.

Megan Pischke

Former professional snowboarder, Wellness + Community Director for B4BC

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