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Coach Ciara writes about Izzy McMahon, AUPro Lacrosse Athlete and one of her close friends and colleagues....


Now we know I do this for the LADIES.. 

I want to highlight one of my close friends and colleagues, Izzy McMahon.

In the mid-1900’s, many NBA and NFL players had to work second jobs during the offseason to pay the bills, because the popularity of their leagues hadn’t taken off yet.

Women’s lacrosse players are currently in the same boat. Athletes Unlimited, a professional sports organization, puts on a 5-week season each summer… but outside of that, these women have to make ends meet on their own.

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Many, including Izzy, take on partnerships and endorsements.

But, the smartest ones take advantage of their connections in their sport to launch a career (like Izzy).

I have had the pleasure of working with and training Izzy for over a year now and she is now creating a major stamp in the women’s lacrosse world. 

Not only does she play professionally, but she has recently launched her training brand, IM Training and specializes in lacrosse and skills training.


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Cici Murray

Ciara Murray is a speed and performance coach at Spellman Performance. She has a background in physical therapy and has coached various levels from youth to elite. Her focus is on speed development and preparing athletes for the physical demands of college sports.

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