What Is The Trifecta Method®

What is the Trifecta Method®?


The Trifecta Method® evolved to embody three aspects for the female athlete: The Mind, Spirit and Body.


“Mind” - training our athletes how to understand Game IQ, visualization and muscle memory. Through the Trifecta Method® an athlete will gain an understanding of field spacing, the ability to read other players and the strategy of the game. We are retraining habits and building new muscle memory will focus the brain to be faster, stronger and methodical.


“Spirit” - encouraging the love of the sport. Each female athlete wants to find out “why” they play. The Triad Athletes coaches want to understand their goals and guide them on a path to achieve them. Each female athlete will emerge and uncover their potential as a mentally strong player! Our aim is to build their confidence, commitment and heart.


“Body” - teach our female athletes how to reach their physical potential. The Triad team will coach them to be efficient in speed, and technique as well as teach new skills. This is where athletes aim for maximum potential and positive physical habits.


Triad Athletes coaches will assess each player as an individual, guide them through measurable tests, create goals for each athlete and focus on their continual improvement. Each athlete will be inspired and motivated to “Rise Up” as they start to recognize their true potential!


Triad Athletes is a San Diego youth lacrosse training program focused on growing womens lacrosse on the west coast.

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