What Are Your Superpowers?

Why we focus on female athletes.
When thinking about our business model and value proposition, it didn't take very long (seconds maybe?) to agree that focusing on the female target market was where our energy would be most valued.  The leadership team at Triad Athletes feels strongly that the community of future female leaders, especially in athletics, is under-served and deserves attention.
I like to think being a woman is a super power.  Unfortunately most of us don't realize this until we're much older.  For some of us, it takes until our 20s, 30s, or 40s...or maybe we hit milestones like... moving away from our hometown or having children or starting a business.  Whatever it takes to get you to full superwoman status, it's usually later than we like.
When thinking about what differentiates Triad Athletes, San Diego youth lacrosse, from other training services, is really that we genuinely want the female community to find those super powers as early as possible.
Triad is focused on building the future of female leaders, not just athletes.  We will ask these girls to come to each session with purpose: Empower, Unite and Lead.  We want the girls to ask questions like, "What does it feel like when you empower other women?", "How do you make others feel when you are around them?", "How does your integrity compare to other athletes in the community or on the field?".  Triad coaches will be there to assist in their journey to building the confidence they need on and off the field.
Additionally, it's a requirement that Triad Athletes coaches come to each session with, not only, their trade, but their integrity and mission to hit these goals.  The Triad Athletes community will be something the girls will have forever - coaching, mentorship, networking and friendship.  Each coach and girl will be empowered to showcase their unique super powers, without reservation.  
So...what are YOUR superpowers?
Triad Athletes is a San Diego youth lacrosse training program focused on growing womens lacrosse on the west coast.

Erica Jackson

"All I want to do is have fun," said Erica, every day of her life. A lacrosse stick in her hand since 9, Erica is a high energy, hype girl, Maryland native, and Lacrosse Coach with an MBA. You will see Erica literally running all over Encinitas, but if you ever catch her in a car, it's because she's a part-time taxi driver to her 2 kids.

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