W.I.N.terview with Dona Rodgers

Triad Athletes Morgans Message Dona Rodgers Suicide Awareness Month

What advice would you give a Triad Athlete?

Don’t get so caught up in your sport that you lose your identity. You are so much more than what you do.

What was / is your favorite sporting event or competition?

I love football! And of course lacrosse.

Can you expand on how the generation gap affects the conversations happening between Parents / Kids, and Coaches / Athletes?

The older generation grew up without having the conversations on mental health. The dialog is uncomfortable because we aren’t used to it. The stigma that surrounds mental health has come from generation after generation keeping quiet and not openly discussing those mental health challenges.

Moving forward, some of these same people are expected to lead conversations with youths, athletes, children and they could be ill-equipped. Progress is being made daily and hopefully the next generation of young athletes has started a lasting cultural shift.

If you could go back and play another sport (other than gymnastics), what sport would you play and why?

I would love to have played lacrosse!  Gymnastics took up all my free time, so there wasn’t a season that was open for me to try other sports.

Women’s lacrosse has everything: speed, excitement, finesse, agility, and strength.

Plus, it attracts some of the most amazing and passionate people I’ve ever met. 

Heroes change over time, who do you look up to the most right now in your life?

Honestly, my team at Morgan’s Message.

I am honored every day that I get to work with such passionate and talented young people.

When I was in my mid 20’s I was focused on me and my young career. This team of 4 accomplish more in a day than anyone I know. They tirelessly give back and selflessly are helping others on a daily basis. They are so impressive and am proud to know each one.

Dona Rodgers

Dona Rodgers, mother of Morgan, is Co-Founder, Board Chairwoman and President of Morgan’s Message, Inc. She grew up in Connecticut and was graduated from James Madison University where she was a member of the gymnastics team before early retirement due to injury. She had the privilege of raising three children, Austin, Aberle and Morgan, before managing The Retreat at Eastwood, an event venue in Warrenton, Virginia. She currently resides in Warrenton with her husband, Kurt.

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