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Triad Athletes San Diego girls youth lacrosse Tari Kandemiri The Official Lax Girl

Triad Athletes, a San Diego based youth lacrosse training program, welcomes Tari Kandemiri.


Be yourself.

I used to kind of shrug that off or think it was too cliché, but when I reflect I see just how important it is to just be you. When I first started Official Lax Girl, people laughed at me for just how invested I was in lacrosse and for being so unabashed about it. There were many times I wanted to quit, or just delete my accounts. Looking back, I am so glad I didn't!

I stayed true to myself and true to the things I loved. In my tweets, you can feel like voice behind them. I could easily choose to sound more "serious," be less playful, or try to portray myself in a certain way but that just wouldn't be me. I am equal parts lacrosse, management consultant, food-lover, traveler, and all the other things that make me special - and that is what's helped me succeed.


I'm always asked what motivates me, or what makes me want to work so hard and I think the answer has evolved over time. A lot of my motivation comes from within, just wanting to see what I can accomplish and how far I can push myself to reach my goals. With the platform I've been lucky to create over time, I'm now motivated by wanting to inspire other people to not only be themselves, but to also seek to reach any goal they feel most compelled by in their hearts.

I'm motivated to be my best self, my healthiest self, and my happiest self. I've also learned to be patient with myself, because sometimes when chasing a goal you can lose the understanding of who you are as a person or why it's important to give yourself room to figure it out.


Hanging with me on a Saturday is pretty chill! I try to sleep in on Saturdays but that can be tough since I wake up early for work during the week. I might lay in bed for a while and catch up on shows (or TikToks, I can't help but be addicted!). I'll run to a pilates class or do a workout at home if I'm in the mood, and grab a smoothie after while I cool down. Then I usually go for a strawberry-Nutella crepe at my favorite breakfast spot, and walk around the city. People-watching is so fun and I can catch up with family and friends while I stroll.

I spend the rest of the day at home relaxing, catching up on a few things for my startup Hama Beauty, or doing some lacrosse-related work, but I leave a majority of that for Sunday. When I can, I love catching a movie to end the day or I watch something at home with some candles burning. I loooove a good candle! I may meet up with friends for a night out, but right now especially I enjoy being home and just chilling. 


Triad Athletes is a San Diego youth lacrosse training program focused on growing womens lacrosse on the west coast.

Tari Kandemiri

Tari Kandemiri has built a strong social media presence as Official Lax Girl, using her platforms to champion the growth of lacrosse. She is a member of the Tewaaraton Foundation Board of Directors, co-host of ESPN’s ‘Sound On with Tari and Amari,’ and coaches with US Lacrosse’s Sankofa Lacrosse initiative. She is the Founder of Hama Beauty, which is an online platform that recommends beauty products based on your skin type, age, skin tone and skin issues using data science. Tari has announced in September 2021 that she will be a part of Nike as a Nike Lacrosse Athlete.

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