Girls Lacrosse Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guide Girls Lacrosse Triad Athletes


Look no further...THIS is all you need for your female athlete this Holiday! 

Triad Athletes is THE expert in girls lacrosse fashion, accessories and gear.  Our athletes and their parents have given us insight into the "Must Haves" for the Holidays!


1. Gift the gift of FASHION!

Triad Athletes has combed through all the female lacrosse styles this Holiday, and look no further than our Shop!  Our fashion forward beachy vibe trends will have your female athlete grinning from ear to ear this Holiday when she opens this creamy dreamy soft cropped sweatshirt that showcases her love of lacrosse!  There are so many choices - but we are in LOVE with the Mustard "Livin' the Dream" sweatshirt, that we haven't stopped wearing it!

Black Friday Sale is 50% off - $25!!  Full Retail Price is $50.

2. Give their muscles a relief with this!

Does your athlete constantly complain about the aches and pains from all of their sports?  Don't want to send them off to a spa?  Maybe they haven't put in enough time in the Epsom Salt Bath Soak and their muscles need some extra love?

There are various price points, but we love the TheraGun Mini the most.  It is currently on sale at Amazon right now for $178 (normally priced at $199).  This portable massage gun offers percussion therapy in a convenient pocket-size.  It has 3 speeds and is super quiet.  

There are lower cost options, such as the Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun which is also on sale at Amazon for $76.49 + $7 Coupon.  It has 5 adjustable speeds and is also portable.

3. Give your nose a gift this Holiday!

How much do you hate the smell of a stinky cleats?  Well, look no further...the GloveStix StankStix for your kids athletic stink...ELIMINATES ODORS & BACTERIA using Silver Seal technology in the plastic inhibits 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria growth in 24 hrs for 10 yrs!  

Currently sold on Amazon for $29.99 - includes the Stank Stix + Inserts that will last approximately 90 days for optimum performance. 

4. Give your athletes hair some love this Holiday

Are you scouring the internet for the best hair ties that don't break your hair, or cause your athlete to yell when they ask for a TIGHT PONY!  Well, we have used a few (to say the least) and these are our favorites.
For the girl with thicker hair - the HOYOLS offers great Seamless Elastic Fabric Hair Ties.  They are made to blend with your hair depending on the look you are going for, you choose the tonal style.  Or you choose the multi color.  You get 100 Pieces for $6.99 on Amazon.  Boom!!
For the girl looking for the double double around their pony, we love these environmentally friendly hair ties that are thicker and durable, and are no crease or damage.  Plus, they are easy.  27 for $14.95.  No brainer stocking stuffer.

5. Ok ok, what about jewelry??

Most of the girls we come across tend to be minimalist about their jewelry.  They are looking for something that they can run around in but also have a feminine touch.  Triad and Lax the Nation came together for Giving Tuesday with a custom exclusive bracelet honoring the Lax the Nation cause.  A donation of $30 comes with this bracelet.  We LOVE the whimsical boho style that they can wear everywhere.

If you have missed the promotion for Giving Tuesday, we can't get enough of Pura Vida bracelets.  They range anywhere from $10-$20 and come in so many colors.  You can't go wrong.

6. For the athlete that just can't get enough of lacrosse

NO LACROSSE BALLS IN THE HOUSE!!  OR NEAR WINDOWS!  Well, look no further, Swax Lax is a great alternative that feels the weight of the lacrosse ball but definitely less window breaking and black eye making than the typical ball when they are playing in the backyard or cradling all over your house.
You can find these at your local or online Dicks for $9.99 or if you're Amazon Prime Member, you can get them for $10.49 on Amazon.

7. Need a new stick?  

If you're looking for the latest lacrosse stick technology and light weight.  We are obsessed with the new Gait Lacrosse sticks.  OBSESSED.  The price point is higher than your typical STX Beginner stick, which always an amazing value for youth lacrosse players. 
The price point is $274.99 so this is definitely a special gift for those lacrosse players looking for an elevated stick.  



Gait lacrosse girls lacrosse stick Apex Triad Athletes gift guide

8. For the lax rat 

For the generations of lacrosse players that had DIY wood boards or concrete blocks in their backyard, you may cringe that athletes now have the best technology out there giving them a rebounder so they can practice at all hours without asking their parents to get out some tools.

We have used many versions of rebounders - from the DIY, to the heavy metal, to the ones that have fallen apart after the first bounce...

Th tried and true...but heavy is the EZ Goal Professional 8 footer.  You definitely need space for this one, but they are durable and once it's set up, they are usually very effective long term.

The other option is STX Rebounder, for a little less money ($145), it's also a little less heavy at 26 lbs / 13 kilograms than the EZ Goal which is 63 lbs / 29 kilograms.

9. For the girls that feet can't stop growing

Did anyone else see the Dicks Gift Guide?  They featured the New Balance Burn X3 Lacrosse Cleat.  We LOVE these for all ages and levels of play.  Depending on your color choice, they range from $119.99 - $129.99.  The Triad Black is $119.99 - love these!

Dicks girls lacrosse cleats Triad Athletes gift guide

10.  Last but not least, maybe your daughter wants to join the latest fashion trend for athletes - CROCS!!!

We're not totally sure where this trend came from, but they are very comfortable, breathable and easy to clean.  So we're in!  

We've seen them as low as $22 at or Khols depending on the colors you're looking for.  Amazon standard sale right now is approximately $35.



Triad invests in new equipment for our training.  If you are you looking for a goal - we get ours from Amazon.  

CRANKSHOOTER High School Lacrosse Practice Goal, 6x6x7, with 6mm White or Black Net. Lacing Rails, 59 lbs

girls lacrosse goal


Hopefully this was a helpful guide this Holiday as you're looking for ideas for your athlete!

Holiday gift guide girls lacrosse Triad Athletes

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