San Diego girls lacrosse training Triad Athletes

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What we do

We provide elite level training for your female athlete in lacrosse serving San Diego.

This program does not follow the typical footprint young female athletes were provided in the past. This unique and individualized approach to training will focus on how to improve your skills, performance and team mentality.

Triad specializes in the Trifecta Method®. The Trifecta Method® focuses on 3 areas of sports unifying the mind, the spirit and the body.

San Diego Girls Lacrosse Elite Training

Is Triad for YOU?  

The athlete that is looking to:

  • Work on specific technical skills
  • Meet new people from all different backgrounds
  • Establish relevant athletic data to measure their progress
  • Seek guidance on coaching mentorship to supplement your club, travel or recreational program
  • Needs personalized attention to build a better base in their sport
  • Wants additional networking resources to get to higher level playing opportunities
  • Build confidence in their sport of choice
  • Increase their knowledge from an individual and team perspective
San Diego girls lacrosse training Triad Athletes

Triad is Different

  1. Focus is on the Female athletes
  2. Trifecta Method is a proven way to condition and elevate the athlete.  Data shows that this method results in athletes retaining more with this focused approach to the skills.
  3. Special events hosted both in the physical and digital space including supplemental tools to add to your athlete's toolkit
  4. We are not affiliated with a team or a club.
  5. We provide take home drills outside of training through our social media and Youtube channel.
  6. We invest in your female athlete outside of training, through mentorship, networking and brand building.
  7. Individualized attention if we see growth opportunities for your daughter.

Training Details

Training is structured in 1.5 hour formats where each athlete will spend 25 minutes at each station with 5 minute breaks in between. Frequent water breaks to the discretion of the coach and athlete.

Three training sessions include:
● Speed, agility and strength
● Individual technical skills
● Game IQ through scrimmaging and drills

In order to get the most out of Triad, we are committed to a 10 to 1 ratio so the coaches are able to focus on the individual needs of each girl. That also leaves us enough girls to have a productive Game IQ session.


Top Level Coaching

We understand that to play at an elite level, female athletes need to be groomed by experienced professionals and athletes themselves. We invest in Coaches that not only align with Triad Athletes core values but having your female athlete's best interest at heart. Triad Coaches know what it takes to play at a higher level and their learning only continues to grow as your sport of choice evolves. Triad Coaches will guide your female athletes on and off the field whether it's improving a specific goal or networking. Triad Coaches understand your female athletes goals out of the gate and create building blocks from there.


Special Events

We add special events through the calendar year as a benefit to your female athlete in both the physical and digital space. This includes events with experts and professionals in their craft including Yoga, Nutrition, meditation, college preparation and so much more. These special events are exclusive to Triad Athletes and a unique way to add to their toolkit.

Your Investment

Triad Coaches can only provide the what and the how. It’s up to the athlete to come with their why. Motivation is entry level. Triad will work on consistency, creating patterns, and subsequently mastery.

When you invest in yourself, your team and clubs will benefit.

San Diego girls lacrosse training Triad Athletes


San Diego girls lacrosse Triad Athletes