WIN - September Networking Event

When we originally started Triad, we were obviously focused on the athletes.  We see a need for a female-focused athletic training program - across many field sports.  Our specific value proposition as business owners was that we are experienced coaches, parents of female athletes and successful leaders in our own fields.  This trifecta (pun intended) of a leadership team was a no brainer.  

"But why Triad?," Dr. Katie D'Amato from Balanced by Katie, asked me at our Women Invest in Networking event.

Great question!

So I got out my elevator pitch - we saw a need for female-centered athletic training.

"Ok, but what else," she said.  

"Well, it's this," motioning my hand to show the event around us.  "It's the network.  It's the college coaches in our personal contact list.  It's you; the women in our network that want to help these girls succeed."

YES!  I did it!  I think I convinced her.  The community we are building is priceless.  That's not just for Triad and our athletes.  That's for every woman we encounter.  Women are amazing at connecting.  The businesses we support are for a reason.  Every WINterview is purposeful.  Every networking event is important.  I love that she asked us, "why," because that question is so important.  

To show support for such a great, event, please see the businesses that showed up at our first Women Invest in Networking event.  Thank you for showing up - please support them and email me if you need more details for future events.


Annie Witzmann Daycare is an Encinitas based in-home daycare and preschool for ages newborn through kinder age children. 

Triad Athletes San Diego girls lacrosse

Balanced by Katie: Physical Therapy, Yoga & Wellness, Inc. is a mobile concierge Physical Therapy and Holistic Wellness Service. In the comfort of your own home, we are committed to providing one-on-one undistracted care that fosters smooth, efficient, and successful outcomes and jumpstarts your journey towards a happier, healthier life. Treatment includes manual hands on physical therapy, teaching corrective exercises, neuromuscular functional movement training, balance and gait training and therapeutic yoga and Reiki.

Triad Athletes San Diego girls lacrosse

The CollegeMIND is a step-by-step video course that will walk you through the college admissions process and find the school that best aligns with your academics and interests.


Triad Athletes San Diego girls lacrosse


TheFitMill is made for those of you looking for quick and effective strength and cardio circuit training for under an hour.  Their facility in Carlsbad, CA 


Triad Athletes San Diego girls lacrosse


Little Language Ambassadors is committed to inspiring and educating the next generation through our 100% Spanish immersion program, making our little ambassadors the future citizens of the world.

Triad Athletes San Diego girls lacrosse

Monarch's staff of experienced broadcast meteorologists, Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCM) and data scientists, is uniquely suited to provide meteorological and climate services to professionals looking to mitigate their risk or better yet, reap its rewards.

Triad Athletes San Diego girls lacrosse

One Speed Athletes mentors young men and women to ensure that they are prepared for the real world on and off the playing field and/or court. We build character through performance training so that the athlete can elevate across any boundary and achieve success. One Speed Athletes is committed to helping young athletes become their best selves.


Triad Athletes San Diego girls lacrosse


Samantha Hubbell is a content creator for your business needs - from blogs, website, social media - she can pretty much do it all. 


All of these businesses can be contacted on their websites or social media.  We encourage all of our Triad Athletes to SHARE these great resources!




Erica Jackson

"All I want to do is have fun," said Erica, every day of her life. A lacrosse stick in her hand since 9, Erica is a high energy, hype girl, Maryland native, and Lacrosse Coach with an MBA. You will see Erica literally running all over Encinitas, but if you ever catch her in a car, it's because she's a part-time taxi driver to her 2 kids.

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