W.I.N.terview with Angie Benson

Triad Athletes San Diego girls lacrosse

What advice would you give a Triad Athlete?

Be bold in everything you do.  Do things with intention.  Do things on purpose.  Do things like you mean it.  That is irreplaceable and priceless.


What are you most excited for in 2022?

I'm really excited for new opportunities and adventure. Since 2020, I have been able to plan out my life - you never know when stuff happens and changes everything.  I've been more willing to ride the wave in life. The opportunities I have in 2022 - personal, business, and playing lacrosse - are exciting.

Always trying to improve myself.  Always trying to be a better person.  


What cause is the most important to keep an eye on?

There are so many to choose from, but the first that comes to mind is the focus on mental health and how it impacts student athletes.  Morgans Message is doing a great job on showcasing what it's like to play at a high level and the pressure that the athletes are under.  

The other is the brand, "Dear Lacrosse," that is trying to help broaden the network and relationships in lacrosse.  It takes lacrosse and creates a common connection outside of just playing, and those connections are what changing the sport in a positive light.


Tell us more about "Dear Lacrosse"

It's a brand established through my company, AMB Athletics.  It was started when I was at VA Tech in 2020, and I wanted a way to get my thoughts and message out without deterring people.  And I was able to say something that we can all relate on, and we all relate to lacrosse.  My idea was to start my message with "Dear Lacrosse," and now that message is more relatable and the broader audience feels they can connect with me. 

What's it done has created a network of voices where they feel comfortable sharing their messages.  We've seen...

"Dear Lacrosse, you saved my life." 

That's HUGE. 

Or, "Dear Lacrosse, thanks for my husband."  The point is lacrosse is creating this additional community we didn't know we had.  And especially in 2020, is what we needed.  And now it's just growing!


Thank you Angie Benson for spending time with Triad Athletes, San Diego girls lacrosse.



Angie Benson

Angie was a US Lacrosse High School All-American . She spent her first two years as a lacrosse goalie Towson University and was in the Top 50 for save percentage. In 2016, she was on the CAA All-Rookie team and in 2017, she was CAA Leader in save percentages. Angie went to VA Tech for her last two years and was 2nd in the US in GAA (Goals Allowed Average) and 2021 Pre-Season All American. She was an Athletes Unlimited Pro lacrosse player and now is focusing on the growth of AMB Athletes. She also the Founder of the Dear Lacrosse social movement.

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